Cash-strapped Canada Post Weighs Future Of Mail Delivery

Four Canadian Underground Railroad sites John Freeman Walls Historic Site, Lakeshore, Ontario 859 Puce Road (one mile north of Highway 401 exit 28.) Descendants of Walls founded this historic site to commemorate Walls’ part in the Underground Railroad. ( , 519-727-6555. Possible to wander around anytime; groups should call ahead.) Uncle Tom’s Cabin Historic Site, Dresden, Ontario 9251 Uncle Tom’s Road; off exit 101 on Highway 401. The house of Josiah Henson, the inspiration for the character Uncle Tom in Uncle Tom’s Cabin and also an abolitionist who helped settle other fugitives at his New Dawn Settlement. ( , 519-683-2978, admission $6.25. Open year round by appointment for groups; May 18-Oct. 25 for individual visitors) North American Black Historical Museum, Amherstburg 277 King St. Marks the town’s vital role in transporting slaves to freedom across the Detroit River as part of the Underground Railroad. ( , 519-736-5433, $6.50 admission includes admission to the pretty Nazrey A.M.E. Church.) Buxton National Historic Site & Museum, North Buxton 21975 A. D. Shadd Road. One of the few remaining African-Canadian settlements still in existence, it’s a thriving indicator of the Underground Railroad’s enduring power.

Canada nixes UN review of violence on aboriginal women

Visiting East Jerusalem and visiting the office of Tzipi Livni there, even if it was for a coffee, it was really violating international law, Mr. al-Maliki said. But the Palestinian minister said he was pleasantly surprised by the reception he received from the Conservative government during his trip. And either I want to stay hostage to actions that have happened and keep the Canadian-Palestinian relationship hostage to such events, he said, or liberate that relationship from what happened and to see if there is any possibility for engagement. Related Youll face consequences from Canada if you take Israel to International Criminal Court: Baird to Palestinians I believe that the Canadian government, that the foreign minister himself, felt that there are common issues with Palestine and there is space that can be developed with Palestine, Mr. al-Maliki added. This week, Mr. Baird announced $5-million to help with economic development in the West Bank, which is on top of $25-million pledged earlier this year. Mr. al-Maliki praised Canadas contributions to Palestinians, both financial and technical, in terms of helping build better government institutions, security infrastructure and education. And while he wasnt prepared to say relations between the Conservatives and Palestinian leaders had reached a turning point, Mr. al-Maliki was confident about their future prospects.

The minister responsible, Transport Minister Lisa Raitt, says it’s an idea worth considering. “They don’t need need the government of Canada’s policy changes in order to convert to community mailboxes in urban areas. – Listen to Alison Crawford’s documentary report on CBC Radio’s The House “That’s a huge cost savings and it’s those kinds of things that we want to see come to fruition.” As it stands now, only one-third of Canadians get their mail delivered right to their door. Everyone else picks up the post from community, apartment or rural lot line mailboxes. According to a Conference Board of Canada report, Canada Post is on track to lose $1 billion a year. If the corporation cut door-to-door delivery, the Conference Board’s vice-president of public policy David Stewart-Patterson says it could reduce those losses by more than half. “No single option we looked at will be enough to close the gap. What Canadians need to think about is a range of options and what combination is likely to meet their needs best.” Moving to alternate-day delivery would also save hundreds of millions of dollars and Stewart-Patterson says on the whole, residential customers don’t seem to mind that idea. But it’s a different story altogether for small-business owners. “There’s still a very high degree of dependence among small-business owners both to send out their invoices and to get their payments. ‘The cheque is in the mail’ still works for small business owners in Canada.” Ian Kimmerly is one of those small-business owners who depend on Canada Post. He owns an exclusive stamp dealership in Ottawa.

Canada has a ‘responsibility’ to urge Israel to stop ‘provocative’ actions, Palestinian foreign minister says

Countries have their rights records reviewed every four years by the Geneva-based UN forum, but the Harper government has been skeptical in part because it allows countries with dubious rights records to criticize Canada. On Thursday, that happened again. Cuba said it deplored Canada’s rejection of one of its human-rights recommendations, while Iran took Canada to task for rejecting four that it had made. Belarus blasted Canada for not doing enough to combat child prostitution, and said it should allow a series of UN special rapporteurs to come to Canada investigate various topics. Russia said it was “bewildered” that Canada rejected a recommendation related to the “brutal beating” of a Russian national in a Calgary jail cell. Canada’s ambassador to the UN in Geneva, Elissa Golberg, offered a brief rebuttal to Belarus, saying it should allow UN rapporteurs to visit, but did not engage directly with the other countries that criticized Canada. “Canada is proud of its human-rights record, and our peaceful and diverse society,” Golberg told the one-hour session. While no society is entirely free of discrimination, she noted, Canada has “a strong legal and policy framework for the promotion and protection of human rights, and an independent court system.” Recommendations from those countries were among the 40 of 162 that Canada chose to reject. That also included a rejection of a series of resolutions calling on Canada to undertake sweeping national reviews of violence against aboriginal women. Golberg said Canada takes the issue seriously and that provincial and local governments are better suited to getting results on those issues. In Ottawa, Shawn Atleo, national chief of Canada’s Assembly of First Nations, said there is deep concern among aboriginals over the government’s refusal to conduct a national review of the problem. “There is strong support for this action domestically among provincial and territorial leaders and the Canadian public and strong international support, not to mention a multitude of reports and investigations that urge Canada to act,” Atleo said in a statement. The federal New Democrats also issued a statement calling the government’s response “shocking.” In Toronto, Teresa Piruzza, the Ontario minister responsible for women’s issues, expressed disappointment, saying it is “really a national issue.” But a statement from Justice Minister Peter MacKay’s office said the government is focused on action not meetings and studies. “This includes creating a new National Centre for Missing Persons, improving law enforcement databases and developing community safety plans specifically designed for Aboriginal communities,” the statement said. At the UN, the countries that called for a national review included Switzerland, Norway, Slovenia, Slovakia and New Zealand.