Don’t ruin your date with escort girl London

Dating with escort in London is easy, simply check out their website, find a girl you like, make sure she’s the girl in the picture (not an image of some model pulled off the internet), book her through the agency and set the date. But even the best of us can have mild slip ups that are well known escort girl London pet peeves. Here are a few :
Before the Date
Don’t Confirm Date – A call a day in advance just to say that a good evening is planned is all it takes. It’s a good practice to confirm the date to let her know that you’re on track and serious about the night. It also helps calm your nerves.

Not Picking Her Up – Dating 101: Always pick up your date, no excuses. In the event that you can’t, send a cab.
Not Paying Taxi Fare – Even worse than not picking her up is letting foot the bill.
Arrive Late – The old adage that money is time and time is money is certainly true in this instance. So save yourself both and arrive on time.
Being Unprepared – if you know it’s going to be rainy, walk with an umbrella. A good practice is to set aside some extra funds tucked away (not in your wallet) in case the night turns into a dunked escapade and need to find your way home.

During the Date
Letting Her Pay for Her Dinner –.Chivalry is not dead. Don’t buy into the modern 50-50 split with this date. You know, the ‘pay for what you eat.’

Taking Her for a ‘Walk’ in High Heels – Heels, especially those over three inches, are purely aesthetic. So regardless of what you see in the movies, they’re not made for long afternoon strolls after a hearty meal, so forget about it and take a taxi to the nearby park instead.

Bring Company – An intimate date should be just that – intimate between two persons. So leave your best friend Scottie at home with the play station.

Take Her to a Shoddy Bar – A definite no no, especially if you want to make a good impression. The nicer the better, but don’t overdo it. London escorts have probably been to more places in a week than you have ever in a month. So make your selection wisely if you intend on going on more dates with escort girl London over here on one of the top agency  escort girls LondonAfter the Date Short Change Her – If you paid for escorts dinner, car fare etc, don’t count that in her cost. Whatever is the escort girls rate, pay her just that, you can add extra if she was fun. So prepare for that when you’re at the ATM.


Drop Her Home – After a nice evening, it’s common courtesy to drop her home, a small price to pay. So be a gentleman.

Being a good date with a escort girl London will not only leave a good impression, but will prevent you from being blacklisted by the escort agency London  if you choose to use it in the future. So save yourself some face and be on your best behavior.