Horror Movies Uncut Friday September The 20th

PS Vita TV Hands-On Impressions – Movies on the Go and On Your TV

All The Boys Love Mandy Lane is available right now on VOD and it is worth the price. 5/5 *available on all VOD outlets THE REST OF THE FILMS SCENIC ROUTE – I had a feeling this movie would be good but not this good. Scenic Route is not a horror by any stretch of the imagination. It has some horror qualities but the performances by Josh Duhamel and Dan Fogler are award worthy. Two long term friends are traveling through the desert when their truck breaks down. After finding out it was a ploy by Fogler to start a conversation with Duhamel the two erupt into a battle of life call outs and relationships with not only women but passions of the past. Scenic Route turns into a bloody, dark humours buddy flick that would have been what really happened in Due Date. I really enjoyed this movie and the dark turn it takes at the very end really completed the film. I was upset when this hit limited theaters and did not head our way but im glad its available to take home now. It wont be on my top horror films of the year list but it may end up on my top films to see in general this year. Pick up Scenic Route this weekend as I think you will really enjoy it. 4/5 PARANORMAL ASYLUM- This is the worst movie on the list this week and really was a pain to watch. From start to finish there was a luminous effect that held through the movie. It became really annoying and so did the interaction with the spirits. The film had slight potential when it started but as soon as the evil started Asylum went downhill from there.

Movies: Hugh Jackman and Jake Gyllenhaal Anchor Tense ‘Prisoners’


The Sony assistant explained to me that this was only the film options available through the PlayStation Store. It was a little disappointing because the game lines were still long, but Im convinced now that the PS Vita TV is a viable option as an entertainment set. I skimmed through its online catalog movies, anime and trailers, some of which had just been released from theaters out here. All were all available at the touch of the PlayStation control pad and were blazing in glorious HD. If it werent for the vast difference in quality of the gaming libraries, you might never have needed to buy a PlayStation 3 again. Every video option available through the bulky PlayStation 3 was available on the slick little PS Vita TV unit. I didnt get to try any games, but I watched over the shoulder. The most exciting game available was Monster Hunter, so wahoo? The Vita itself can be used a a controller, and a typical DualShock 3 is also an option. Maybe even the normal Six-Axis if you are cheap and never upgraded like myself. As for gameplay, two friends were able to play from the same device, one from his hand and the other from the TV. Online local multiplayer from the couch together.

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MORE, AFTER THE JUMP … The red whistle is not a red herring. Instead, that damn missing whistle acts as a perfect talisman for the movie itself. Prisoners begins emitting piercing psychic cries as the parents spin out of control and the mysteries thicken and the hours drag on. Statistically speaking, things dont look good for missing children after the first couple of days.Keller Dover (Jackman) is a survivalist who believes in being prepared but how do you prepare yourself or your family for the worst nightmares? When a local ace detective Loki (Jake Gyllenhaal) can’t make a case stick against the man in the RV (Paul Dano, in greasy/creepy mode) Keller decides to take the law into his own hands, plunging both families and a third one (Dano and his aunt played by Melissa Leo) into an increasingly gruesome nightmare from which its uncertain that any of them will emerge with their souls intact. Prisoners will undoubtedly remind a lot of people of David Fincher’s Zodiac(2007), another film that invites you to lose your mind over Jake Gyllenhaal’s soulful handsomeness while Jake Gyllenhaal loses his mind over maddening puzzles, dropped like poisoned crumbs from serial killers. (Has any actor ever so expertly conveyed “needs a hug” “needs to be left alone” “needs to be cooperated with” or “needs to be kissed”as Jake at his finest. I mean… (not a still from Prisoners) come on. It’s those inescapably big pleading eyes you can get all but lost in. (But enough about my boyfriend.) These Zodiac comparisons are merely cosmetic. The film it most calls to mind deep in the marrow is actually Clint Eastwood’s Mystic River (2003), both for the starry miserable cast (beloved faces in pain everywhere you look!) and the moral rot of “is that my daughter in theeeerrrrrre?” parental grief and intimations of long ago child abuse. Prisoners also shares with Mystic River a barely noticeable thin sheen of flop sweat, as if every moment could tip over into the risibly pretentious, weighed down by the self-regard of High Art treatment of Low Brow genres. This filmmaking team isn’t kidding around: Villeneuve and his editors are giving us everything they’ve got with the pacing (despite a lengthy running time); famed cinematographer Roger Deakins (True Grit, Skyfall) is making sure every wet windshield and flashlight makes the visuals sing; and the actors all attack the material full throttle, though some chew scenery with more realistic delicacy than others. My favorites among the cast were Viola Davis (who is, no joke, always perfect.

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