Music Score May Have Secret Code Leading To Nazi Gold, Filmmaker Says

Spiegel Online reports Leon Giesen, 51, has led three attempts in recent weeks to unearth the rumored buried loot in Mittenwald, near the Austrian border after the towns officials signed off on the hunt. The strange sequence centers on the recent public revelation of an annotated score of the March Impromptu, a piece of music by composer Gottfried Federlein, the news agency reports. “It’s like a treasure map that can’t be deciphered.” – Jurgen Proske, a German historian According to Spiegel Online, Nazi leader Adolf Hitler ordered his private secretary, Martin Bormann, during the final days of World War II to imbed a series of letters, figures and runes on the sheet music that would, when deciphered, lend the coordinates to a horde of buried treasure. A military chaplain was then reportedly ordered to squire the score to someone in Munich but it never arrived. Decades later, Dutch journalist Karl Hammer Kaatee came into possession of the document. Then, in December and after repeated unsuccessful attempts at cracking the code Kaatee made the score public to much fanfare overseas, according to Spiegel Online. “It’s like a treasure map that can’t be deciphered,” Jurgen Proske, a German historian, told the news agency. Now, Giesen believes hes finally uncovered the solution to the sheet musics alleged mysterious code. The Dutch filmmaker reportedly believes a line added to the score that reads, Wo Matthias die Saiten Streichelt,” or where Matthew plucks strings,” actually refers to Mittenwald and one-time resident Matthias Klotz, who purportedly founded the towns renowned violin-making tradition. Also, Spiegel Online writes Giesen says the sheet music contains a schematic diagram of train tracks that once ran through Mittenwald in the 1940s, and that the chopped sentence, Enden der Tanz,” which means “end the dance” — located at the conclusion of the score — means the treasure can be found at the former site of the rail line’s buffer stops. And eerily early digs have reportedly revealed a large quantity of unidentified metals, which Giesen cites geologists as describing as an, anomaly, a substance that doesnt belong there. The Dutchman is now looking to raise the requisite funds to continue the dig, according to Spiegel Online. Proske, though, has his doubts, reportedly saying, “It could be a treasure chest. But it could just be a manhole cover.”

Several CD release shows on tap this coming week in Orlando local music (Video)

Live Orlando local music events

Google appears to be testing a new way to display the top search result for music videos. (Credit: Screenshot by YvoSchaap via Twitter) Music videos are no small potatoes for YouTube, and Google’s looking at making them bigger in Google Search results — literally. Related stories: Chrome for iOS learns pronouns As part of Google’s quest to more tightly integrate its different services, the company appears to be experimenting with how music videos appear in Google Search results, according to the blog Google Operating System . The top search result for a music video would be significantly larger preview of the video itself, in the style of a Google Now card, with additional information such as the artist name, song title, album name, and year released. It’s not clear if the preview will let you play the video directly from the search results list, or if you’ll have to click through to YouTube. It’s also unclear whether Google will be opening this test out to more people. A request for comment by Google and YouTube was not immediately returned. CNET will update the story when we hear back from them. Here’s how the search results look now for the same artist and song. (Credit: Screenshot by Google Operating System) Topics:

Huntington Music and Arts Fest planning HMAF Giveback to local schools

Odins Den – 1335 Howell Branch Road – Booked Promotions presents live music from Orlando bands Decades In Spain, Mad As Adam and Room 2 with Kids Without Heroes and Toska for this 18+ show. Tickets are $6 for 21+ and $8 for 18-20. The doors open at 8 p.m. Jazz Tastings – 164 Lake Ave. (Maitland) – Live music from Orlandos JazzTastings Quartet at 8 p.m. Saturday, September 28 West End Trading Company – 202 S. Sanford Ave. (Sanford) – Live music from Orlando band Six Time Losers with Florida band Neil Alday & Further South for this show. The doors open at 8:30 p.m. and the show starts at 9 p.m. Tickets are $7 at the door.

Google tests new music video search results

Saturday, Sept., 28 at Ritter Park Amphitheater, is starting to give back to the community that has helped it grow over its first three years. “Through two different missions we are attempting do our part to help ensure that young children in the Huntington area continue to receive music and art education and to contribute to Communities In Schools, a national dropout prevention program, said organizer, founder and Huntington musician Ian Thornton. This year we started the HMAF Give Back Program.” Partnering with Lattas & Route 60 Music we are donating a total of $500 to the Music/Art programs of two local elementary schools. Spring Hill Elementary will receive $250 in Art supplies while Altizer Elementary will receive $250 in Music supplies, Thornton said. “We also hope to grow these amounts for next year through a few different resources. 10 percent of all festival and band merchandise as well as 10 percent of all art sold at the fest will be donated to next years fund. We will also be going green and recycling all used cans, with bins provided by Adkins Recycling, with the raised funds also contributing to the new program. We hope to double our contribution for next year.” Thornton said they are also contributing 5 percent of gate proceeds to the Huntington chapter of Communities In Schools. “They are a nationwide network of passionate professionals working in public schools to surround students with a community of support, empowering them to stay in school and achieve in life.” You can find out more info at, So make sure to bring the kids out for not only a great day of music and art, but also a great cause!. Communities In Schools