New Iphones Draw Lines Around The World

Annual American Community Survey shows New York City has the largest gap of income inequality in United States

Gosselin attends a red-carpet event in 2012 - one of a dwindling number of invitations since the TLC reality show was cancelled in 2009.

Apple employees high-fived customers once doors opened at 8 a.m. The crowds for new iPhones is draw a mix of Apple diehards and more casual fans, plus people hoping to resell the devices for a profit. A few marketers are also on hand, hawking their wares to the masses waiting on line. In New York, one man wearing basketball shorts was handing out cards and asking people to check out his son’s app. Staffers from trade-in service Gazelle walked around handing out free pretzels. Another man, who was not on line, just kept screaming, “Is anyone excited for the iPhone? Is anyone excited for the iPhone?” The crowd seemed mostly annoyed. Some people even paid line-sitters by the hour to grab an early spot. Why the fuss? For the first time, Apple ( AAPL , Fortune 500 ) is offering two new iPhones: the flagship 5S and the cheaper, plastic iPhone 5C. The iPhone 5S is similar in appearance to last year’s iPhone 5. The new device is faster than its predecessor, however, and it features hardware upgrades like a beefed-up camera and a processor that measures motion data. The iPhone 5C comes in several different colors. Related: YouTube videos of lines at Apple Stores around the world The flagship iPhone 5S wasn’t available for pre-order.

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Related Stories Fast-food workerscarry Kings dream WASHINGTON Any doubt about New York being a city of haves and have-nots goes out the window in a major Census Bureau survey released Thursday. No other major American city has such income inequality when it comes to rich and poor as New York, according to the data, released Thursday.The annual American Community Survey, a treasure trove used by governments, retailers and planners, is packed with numbers on everything from the jobs we have to the transportation we take to work. But one bottom line supports the campaign refrain of Democratic mayoral nominee Bill de Blasio, who says New York is a tale of two cities. Of the 30 most populous American cities, New York is tops in the inequality between the rich and poor. Of major cities, New Orleans and Miami come close but dont surpass New York, according to Adam Bee, an economist in the income statistics branch of the bureau. Poverty persists in New York. In 2007, before the recession hit, 18.5% of the residents of the citys five boroughs lived below the poverty level. By 2012, 21.2% were living below the poverty line, defined as total annual income of $23,283 for a family of four. When the surrounding suburbs are included, 14.8% live below the poverty line. But there also is good news in the new numbers. More New Yorkers have health insurance, an increase largely explained by more baby boomers becoming eligible for Medicare. In the metro area, 12.8% lacked insurance last year, a drop from 13.2% in 2011. Other data is very eclectic. For example, there were 4,275 females between the ages of 15 and 19 in the five boroughs who gave birth last year. Of those, 91% were unmarried.

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